5 out of 5

Anna is sent to study to Paris for her senior year. At first, she doesn’t want to leave her home in Atlanta. But then she meets incredible people who become her friends. One of those people is Etienne, a very sexy and funny british who makes her feel drawn to him. Can Anna stop her feelings towards him? Will Etienne leave his girlfriend for Anna? Can Paris, the city of love help them both?

Personal opinion: I read this book a couple of years ago and I remember I fell in love with it. Now that I reread it I can see why I loved it so much the first time.

The main reason is because it is set in Paris and I love Paris. You can imagine yourself walking down the parisian streets.

I also liked the way it was written it really made you keep reading without a problem the only thing I didn’t like it was the characters. Maybe the reason is that I am older now than when I read it the first time but I think Anna and Etienne were really immature. I mean, all the problems and the drama they had could have been solved if onlt they talked to one another. I just felt a little bit frustrated when they were mad at each other for no reasons whatsoever.

But, despite this, I loved the book in general, it made me want to go back to Paris soon which I hope can happen next year so I can go to the Fairy Tale convention. Anyway, ifyou are looking for a cute contemporary this is it.

It is not too cheesy, it has the right amount of awkwardness and cuteness. And, if you like Paris, then you should totally read this book.

Close your eyes, stand on the point zero sign in Paris and make a wish.