Isla and the Happily ever After by Stephanie Perkins. 

3 out of 5

Summary: Isla has been in love with Josh for years and she never thought he will ever look at her the same way. But one day they atrat talking and sparks fly. They have to fight for their love over three different cities: Barcelona, Paris and New York.

Personal opinion: I honestly was a little disappointed with this book because I expected something as beautiful and amazing as the last books but it didn’t feel like it. 

I think Isla was a little bit annoying sometimes and she always changed her mind whenever Josh gives his opinion about something. Their relationship was the kind of relationship that falls in love with each other at first sight and the love each other right away. I kind of hate those relationships because they don’t feel real or possible. 

Another thing that I didn’t like about this book was how the relationship of Anna and Etienne was closed. I don’t want to spoil what happened but I don’t agree with it.

Nevertheless I really liked how the book ended. The moment between Isla and Josh was very original and cute and I just LOVED the fact that Lola, Cricket, Anna, Etienne, Isla and Josh were all together in the same place. Worlds collide. 

Stephanie Perkins keeps writing very beautiful and cute books about love, friendship and family. Can’t wait for her new series