The Lightining Thief by Rick Riordan.

5 out of 5.

Summary:  Percy Jackson finds out one day that he is a demigod,  son of Poseidon. To escape from the monsters trying to kill him, he has to go to the Half-Blood Camp where he meets other demigods just like him. Whilst being there, he has to help the members of the Camp to avoid the apocalypse by finding the stolen lightning of Zeus.

Personal opinion: I loved the Percy Jackson world so much. The way Percy tells the story makes it so much fun to read. I also loved the mythology. I’ve always been interested in it and Percy was a great way of getting to know all the stories. 

I also loved that Annabeth, even when she is 12, is a very strong and intelligent female character. 

Rick Riordan has a wonderful way of mixing stories and make them one plot. I loved to meet the gods. It was very interesting to find out Zeus’ personality (which kinda sucks) or Ares’. Definetely my favourite is Poseidon. Great father figure and his powers are the coolest. 

Even though these books are rated as, children books, I have to say I enjoyed them like crazy and I am 18!!!!! I honestly recommend these books to everyone, especially if you love mythology stories and adventures books.