Splintered by A.G.Howard.

4 out of 5

Summary: Alyssa comes from the Alice from Alice in Wonderland and due to all the changes Alice did there, her entire family is cursed. Alyssa will have to go back to Wonderland and solve all the problems Alice made. But by doing so, she will have to trust Morpheus, a guy who she has been dreaming with since she was a child, against her best friend,Jeb, advice. Will Alyssa be able to save her family?

Personal opinion: I love fairytale retelling as you are well aware and I really liked this book. The Wonderland A.G describes has this Tim Burton kind of vibe which makes it even better. About the characters I think all of them have some flaws, for example Alyssa is too naïve, Jeb is sometimes stubborn and Morpheous… You should not trust him at all but he has this charm that makes it really difficult for you or Alyssa to be mad at him for a long time.

I really really liked the ending, this book could be a stand alone easily but I am glad we have another to books to dive into this wonderful , scary and creepy world. 

Don’t expect a very accurate Alice in Wonderland story like the one Lewis wrote. This book is way creepier and crazier. 

I don’t think there is a love triangle here (it was one of my worries) but I think the actual and real couple are Jeb and Alyssa and I like the fact that the love story kind of begins before the actual book does. Plus, my love/hate relationship with Morpheous is way too big for me to think about him with Alyssa but hey I am open to Morpheous to find love. Maybe the white queen??? Who knows. 

If you like Tim Burton, fairytale retellings and a lot of fantasy, what are you waiting for??? This book is for you.