5 out of 5

In a world where most part of the children population died, the survivors have special abilities that scare the government which decides to lock the survivor children into a rehab camp. On this camp children are divided into Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red depending on their special abilities.

One day, Ruby escapes the camp and discovers what happened to the rest of the world in the 6 years she was locked up. She tries to control her powers and she also tries to save her life no matter what.

Personal opinion: I’ve missed dystopians so bad and this was a very good one.

First of all I loved how close Alexandra makes us feel toward the characters. I am talking about Ruby, Chubs, Liam and Zu. It’s amazing how in the first freaking book of the trilogy you already love their friendship and care for every single one of them.

Let’s talk about my favourite characters. Ruby has an amazing development from a girl who was naïve and weak to a strong woman and I love that about her. Zu is the typical character you spend the entire book worrying about just in case the author decides to kill them off. Chubs is a strong and honest  guy who is difficult to like at first but after a while you get to love him.

And Liam, what can I say about him. He is literally the perfect guy. He understands Ruby, he never does things that makes her uncomfortable, he will do anything to save his friends or just random people they meet on their way. He is a kindred spirit so to speak.

I have a lot of favourite scene but most part of them are the bonding scenes where Liam and the rest of the squad talk about life and things like that. The ending is very surprising and kinda painful but also logic.

Oh and whoever wants to read this book, be aware of Clancy because he is a piece of shit.

With love, me.